Data Platform For Distributed Hybrid Clouds

Virtual machine-based object storage software with Multi-cloud flexibility.

AWS s3 compatible

Amazon S3-compatible interface

Free license of 20TB

Free license of 20TB

Multi Cloud replication

Multi-Cloud replication

Multi Region Replication

Multi-Region replication

Also available on:
AWS Marketplace | Azure Marketplace |  Alibaba cloud
 |  Google Cloud 

No lab? no worries! Test Drive NooBaa for Google Cloud online.
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What else Would you get?

Zero-time Install

Set up an S3 server by spinning up NooBaa core software and easily test the application behavior Without adding resources

Storage Efficiency

NooBaa software consists of an access node that handles the data chunking, deduplication, compression and encryption

Native Integration

Integrate AWS S3, Azure blob or any other S3 compatible service as optional capacity resources

Data Resiliency

Erasure coding and placement policies give the option to choose the number of copies you want to get your desired data protection based on needs and budget.

Single Namespace

A unified view of your data via a  AWS S3/Azure Blob API. The fastest way to migrate applications from one place to another or create a multi-cloud solution.

Serverless Functions

Personalize your data flow. Easily anonymize, split data and move it, per your needs. All with native serverless functions anywhere.

And much more...