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Work Seamlessly With Multiple Cloud Vendors

Work Seamlessly With Multiple Cloud Vendors

Many organizations use public cloud storage due to its scalability, efficiency and cost effectiveness. However, this also can tie you to the specific protocols, standards and tools of your chosen cloud vendor, and affect migration costs down the road, should you decide to switch.

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NooBaa’s multi-cloud solution eliminates vendor lock-in, allowing your application software stack to be independent of the underlying infrastructure. This independence also creates the interoperability required for fast migration or expansion of workloads. It allows you to run a specific workload on a specific platform, without worrying about the storage. NooBaa provides an AWS S3-compatible API, the de facto standard, independent of any specific vendor or location.



NooBaa’s multi-cloud approach also increases availability by allowing you to keep your data in multiple locations, while using a single access endpoint. It is also extremely efficient in term of storage size due to advanced deduplication and compression algorithms, and provides high levels of security by encrypting all data and creating an additional secure layer on top of any existing storage. 

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