About us

NooBaa’s Story

The geometric growth of unstructured data is a reality. Organizations face an ever-growing demand for storage space. It’s also a fact that while storage prices drop per GB, total spend on enterprise storage solutions is growing. Moreover, those solutions are expensive and monolithic, require much-needed rackspace, datacenter resources and a complete forklift upgrade every five years. The cloud paradigm is the right solution. Public clouds provide great flexibility, fast implementation and lower risk thanks to the OPEX model. Having said that, they add high network access overheads, pose regulatory challenges and make budget planning a hell, due to an unpredictable pricing models. Can’t we have the cloud benefits without sacrificing security and paying for network through the nose? Introducing: NooBaa’s on-premise storage-as-a-service. By repurposing existing unused organizational computers storage capacity to create a viable, highly-scalable private cloud for any organization.

Managment Team

Founded in 2013, NooBaa is headquartered in Rehovot, Israel. Led by leading storage and security experts, the experienced NooBaa management team brings broad and multidisciplinary experience with proven records of success in storage, networking, and enterprise software solutions. Privately-held, NooBaa is VC-backed by JVP, OurCrowd and prominent industry leaders.

  • Yuval Dimnik

    CEO & Co-Founder & Board member

  • Guy Margalit

    CTO & Co-Founder

  • Eran Tamir

    VP of R&D;