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The NooBaa Brand - Brilliant Founderly Craftwork!

Although innovation is at the heart of any startup, there’s lots of plumbing needed to get your business online, starting with naming your company. There’s no shortage of guidance on how to name your startup and free business name generators, so in accordance of these rules, we enthusiastically set out to choose a name that would resonate with our brand values and culture:

  1. Ease of use

  2. Intelligent

  3. High performance

  4. Cloud capabilities 

NooBaa was a carefully and professionally researched branding exercise. Some amazing factoids:


  • A Nooba is a large circle of stones where the Kenyan Meru people connect to the gods in the cloud to resolve dreadful challenges.

  • Nubaa is an energetic force that is passed in the blood of Jewish priests

  • Noobaa in Punjabi means “enlightened path”


Don't for a second think we're serious guys. Welcome to NooBaa!


We did in fact have high hopes for words like “Nubes”, amazingly the latin word for cloud, also a play on words with “newb” reflecting our introduction of a new architecture for reliably retaining data.


So then it’s time to lock in your domain name. GoDaddy had on sale for $800, of course wayyy beyond the budget of this self-funded entrepreneur (and BTW still available. Fortunately GoDaddy’s algorithm sensed our cheapness, suggested alternative “” for $3.99 per year, and the mouse went 'click!


But....NooBaa didn’t mean anything. Nobody spelled it right. Everybody asked us what it means. We invented creative facts about African tribes. Then we observed that it’s attention-getting. It’s intriguing.  People said,

“But, it’s not very technical” [Good!],
“It sounds great, just what is it?” [Thanks for asking!]
and best of all, “it doesn’t sound like traditional enterprise storage” [That’s perfect!].


We are NooBaa, we follow the NooBaa way, we don’t make traditional storage, and we’ll help you unleash the NooBaa within. And for that we’re out of pocket for $3.99 per year.


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