How it works

Product and Technology

NooBaa lets organizations like yours create a high-performance, low-touch private cloud with truly disruptive scalability and flexibility. We effectively exploit unused capacity on your servers and workstations anywhere in the organization.

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  • From zero to infinite storage in 15 minutes

    As NooBaa is a pure software defined storage solution that uses existing infrastructure, you can set up a system and start evaluating and working with in a matter of minutes. Try it for yourself — it really is that quick and simple.

  • Using Existing Storage

    Exploiting unused capacity

    It’s no secret that although servers and workstations grow more powerful, their storage is massively underused. This is our playing field. We use this wasted capacity, managed by patent-pending technology, to securely store petabytes of filesand objects.


    Scalability and flexibility

    And when it’s time to scale, new devices can be seamlessly added to grow cloud capacity and enhance performance. The lightweight NooBaa agents installed on any Linux/Windows machine have zero affect on existing workloads.

  • Secure, Reliable and Super-Resilient

    We know. We know. Unreliable drives not caged in the data center have a bad rep. It used to be considered unstable and insecure but this has changed. Here’s how:


    Ironclad Data Integrity

    Built-in data; redundancy, distributed data healing, geolocation awareness, and the ability to offload to cloud. NooBaa’s P2P technology ensures optimal network utilization while reducing bottlenecks.


    Rock Solid Data Protection

    Data is inline deduped, compressed and encrypted while written to the system. All transfers are encrypted and the system monitors devices eliminating the risks of tampering. Any single file is divided and stored on multiple computers. Never the complete file on a single computer.


    Scalable Distributed System

    Traditional “storage controllers” had few cores dealing with hundreds of drives. With NooBaa’s architecture, every storage drive has a CPU next door. This allows Noobaa to deliver inline compression, advanced deduplication and encryption while maintaining scalability.


    NooBaa Deployment Options

    As NooBaa is pure software defined storage, it can be deployed wherever you chose – without leaving your desk. Within a single datacenter, across geo-spread datacenters and even outside the datacenter – any drive, anywhere in the organization. You have full control of what goes where.