How can NooBaa help? Future Proof Media Storage 

We know you have enough challenges, so we want to help you with a major one. With NooBaa you can easily solve availability concern with a simple cross region and cross-account replication, efficient storage, by using deduplication and compression in front of your S3 Storage, as well as gain control for another encryption layer.

Schedule a meeting now, and we will show you how we can make your life easier. 

What makes us so special:

  • Single namespace - A single namespace for multiple regions, even for multi-cloud
  • Storage efficiency - Al data is compressed and will be stored once, by using deduplication by default.
  • Security - Additional security layer, controlled and owned by you.

We also acknowledge that you may want to try it first. With NooBaa, it's simple. Check our Community Edition. It's a full feature version, with a 20TB limit only on the stored data.