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New Release: NooBaa Version 2

During the last six months, we spent a lot of time with our customers and partners, making sure we focus on actual pains we can solve.

The result is NooBaa V2, and we would love to share our excitement with you. 

Take an online test drive, we will pay the bill. Click here to start your test drive online on Google Cloud platform.


With the new release, new users can set up a system just by spinning up the NooBaa core and immediately read and write data, Binding it together with our free tier of 20TB, allows customers to quickly on board, ensure that this is the right product and move on to scale the system with storage nodes and cloud resources.

Extreme Data Resiliency

On top of the existing deduplication, compression, and encryption, we added a new erasure coding. Users can set up the needed data protection scheme per their applications needs and budget, choose from multiple copies, erasure coding or site replication for lowest TCO. Flexible erasure coding allows multiple resiliency policies in a single repository, resulting in adjustable storage efficiency ranging from 10 replicas to any data/parity ratio.  

Instant migration from AWS S3 to Azure Blob and vice versa

NooBaa is now compatible with both AWS S3 API and Azure Blob API, allowing moving workloads from AWS S3 to Azure or in reverse. Can be done with no application changes and no data migration by changing the access key and secret key and use NooBaa as a virtual layer.  

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Personalized Data Flow management

NooBaa, unlike gateway services that depend on the cloud, has incorporated a standalone microservices platform that can run anywhere as a Lambda-compatible serverless service. This platform opens up metadata and data manipulation like data anonymization, analytics, extraction, etc directly on the data. 

Available also on AWS, Azure, Google and Alibaba marketplaces. click on the button below for more information.

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