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What Can You Do With NooBaa?

NooBaa is a software-driven infrastructure that enables agility, flexibility and hybrid cloud capabilities. A deployment takes 5 minutes from download to an operational system. With unprecedented flexibility, pay-as-you-go pricing, and incredible management simplicity, NooBaa represents an entirely new approach to managing the explosive growth of data.

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Who is it For?


Start providing scalable and cost-effective cloud, backup, and DR services with AWS S3 compatibility. With NooBaa's true hardware agnostic technology, you can aggregate multiple storage silos of any size and vendor. Due to NooBaa’s unique architecture, you can scale the storage quickly and anywhere. You can even create your own availability region with one click.

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NooBaa is the ultimate future-proof data platform. Either you wish to build your own data center as a service, consolidate data centers or start your journey to the cloud, NooBaa is your solution. NooBaa's quick onboarding, free tier, and cost-effective subscription model let you embrace cloud flexibility and agility in your data centers.
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Research Centers

Wishing for faster research? troubled with enormous data? With NooBaa you can quickly build a cloud-like storage on premises with any hardware that suitable for you. NooBaa's personalized data flow will let you extract only the genomic regions that you need, anonymize data, compress it, encrypt it and bring it to the cloud if needed. 
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True Multi-cloud Solution!

With NooBaa, it will take you less than 2 minutes

Some of Our Features

AWS S3-compatible API

NooBaa provides an AWS S3-compatible API, so you can keep using the de facto standard API, unattached to a specific vendor or location

Compression, deduplication, and advanced erasure coding

NooBaa is extremely efficient in term of storage size due to its advanced deduplication and compression algorithms

Full control over data placement

NooBaa provides you full control over data placement, letting you store your data in the optimal location

Data encryption

NooBaa also encrypts all the data, and creates an additional secure layer on top of any existing storage

Main Use Cases

  • Active archiving let customers keep the data available for your applications, while the data can be anywhere.

    This use case is relevant mainly for workloads that produce a lot of data on premises, usually on a fast and expensive storage, while a large portion of it will never be used.
    In this case, the data will be stored on NooBaa, while a lifecycle policy or a custom data flow function will move the local copies to the cloud. The data will be available regardless the actual location, and NooBaa will serve it, with a locality preference.

  • Video surveillance is a classic example of data that no one read unless something happens, and then you need the right video quickly in no time. NooBaa in such use case will perform as the primary storage for video catalog. The deduplication algorithms will keep the data storage efficient, mainly for the motionless period of time.
    The active archiving can take place, move old videos to the cloud, transparently, so any application that will try to read data will get it, regardless the location. A metadata extraction can take place on the fly, to feed any database with a video important characteristics. No restore process will be needed, when a certain video is required.
    NooBaa's data resiliency helps NooBaa's customer keep the budget low by maintaining multiple data resiliency policies in a single repository. Part of the data can be stored by using one erasure coding, while another part of the data will use a second erasure coding, and so on.

  • NooBaa can directly connect to any Media Asset Management (MAM) system that can work with AWS S3 API and serve the media catalog seamlessly. The data storage can be on premises, easily replicate to multiple locations for the various production phases, and later on, transferred for distribution. The entire data flow can be automatic, base on dates, extensions or any other relevant characteristic including custom metadata.
    Extraction of metadata information can take place on the fly, to feedback the MAM system with a video important characteristics. In the same way, NooBaa can invoke any API of tools that used for face recognition, subtitles creations, etc as part of this custom data flow.

  • NooBaa supports both AWS S3 compatible API and Azure Blob compatible API. Any backup or archiving software that can use these API will work with NooBaa seamlessly.
    Using NooBaa in that way let customers use any mixture of on-premises, hybrid cloud storage or public cloud-native storage. In addition, customers can easily set a unique data placement policy for every application, or the data you want to backup or archive.

    NooBaa has official certification from Veritas and Commvault, but also successfully tested with Rubrik, CloudBerry, Synology, Cyberduck and more.

  • Managed Service Providers can offer Storage as a Service by using NooBaa technology. With NooBaa, MSP can turn existing data centers into a Storage-as-a-Service and start providing an ideal and cost-effective backup and DR services with S3 compatibility.

    Using AWS S3 API, the de facto standard, allows you to utilize the cloud ecosystem including backup applications, archival solutions, and a documented API. With its true hardware agnostic technology, NooBaa lets you aggregate multiple storage silos of any size and vendor. Due to NooBaa’s unique architecture, MSP can scale the storage quickly and anywhere.

    NooBaa's management has a rich API to enable a quick and smooth integration with billing, account creation, permissions etc.

  • NooBaa enables its customers an easy way to embrace cloud flexibility and agility within their data centers.

    The multiple storage silos that exist in most data centers today, making it complex and costly to manage. By nature, each silo enforces its own lifecycle, scale, hardware refresh, and limitations. NooBaa introduces a different experience, turning existing storage infrastructure into a private cloud with built-in agility and flexibility, with software only. It reduces many risks in terms of resource investment and eliminates the limitations on scaling and geographic data distribution and the pain of migration and hardware refresh.

    With AWS S3 compatibility and hardware-agnostic technology, NooBaa lets customers easily aggregate multiple storage silos of any size and vendor.

  • IoT, by nature, has a distributed architecture, where multiple devices send to centralized locations bits to TBs of data on a daily bases.

    With NooBaa's technology, customers can build multiple data centers, nearby clusters of devices and provide the primary storage that handles the data aggregation. Using NooBaa's independent serverless functions, data manipulation, aggregation, deidentification, and much more can take place automatically and then transfer the data for analytics and diagnostics. The classic example is autonomous cars that collect data from multiple sources.

    NooBaa can be used in any country, collect all the data, de-identify it, per GDPR regulation requirements, compress, encrypt and transfer the data to a centralized location for analytics.

  • Medical imaging introduces regulatory and data gravity challenges.

    NooBaa's technology helps customers to create an on-premises storage that can store the medical imaging for the diagnostic phase. Once the data is cold, using NooBaa serverless functions, a de-identification process can automatically mask the DICOM records, update a database with the connecting link and move the local copies of the encrypted data to the cloud. Such a customized data flow is just an example of personalized data flow that any customer create to better tailor it to its need.

  • Research projects are always tricky. The amount of raw data is always a challenge while trying to analysis it.   In many cases, the same huge dataset is used for multiple projects, with limited computational resources. NooBaa helps customers to automatically split the relevant chunk of data out of the raw data, and easily move it to the cloud, any cloud, for analysis. Such method reduces the amount of data you need to push to the cloud, de-identify or mask the data if needed, and effectively use the right computational resources for the project lifetime.

    The method helps to boost research, keep privacy in place, squeeze timeframes, and stay in budget while using only temporary resources instead of investing in computational that may never be used again.

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