Data Platform
For Distributed Hybrid Clouds

Your data wherever you want it

With NooBaa you can create your own virtual storage cloud from any resource – both on-premise and in the cloud – in minutes. With unprecedented flexibility, pay-as-you-go pricing, and incredible management simplicity, NooBaa represents an entirely new approach to managing the explosive growth of data.

Private Cloud

Build your own private cloud storage

Aggregate multiple storage silos of any size and vendor into one virtual storage.
Scale the storage quickly and anywhere, in any increment.
Have multiple data centers? Create your own availability region, in one click.

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Multi Cloud

Easy migration between cloud providers

Work seamlessly with multiple cloud vendors and eliminate the financial risk of putting all your eggs in one basket. Avoid vendor lock-in from holding you back from making the right decision for your company. 
Increase your availability and keep your data in multiple locations.

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Hybrid Cloud

Combine on-premise and cloud storage into an easily managed hybrid cloud

Create a single fabric that starts in your data centers and stretches to any native private or public cloud storage. Virtualize any local storage, shared or dedicated, physical or virtual, and scale your storage to multi-PB storage. Data placement can be easily configured per bucket and can bound the data into one specific location or spread it across geo-locations

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Who Is It For?

Private Cloud by NooBaa

For MSP's

Start providing scalable and cost effective cloud, backup, and DR services with AWS S3 compatibility

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For Enterprises

With NooBaa you can create on premise or hybrid storage that will stretch or shrink exactly like the cloud, but under your control

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Hybrid Cloud by NooBaa

3 Easy Steps

Zero time installation

Download and Deploy

Use the VM's internal storage or install resources

Connect an S3 Client application

AWS S3-compatible API

NooBaa provides an AWS S3-compatible API, so you can keep using the de facto standard API, unattached to a specific vendor or location

Compression, deduplication and advanced erasure coding

NooBaa is extremely efficient in term of storage size due to its advanced deduplication and compression algorithms

Full control over data placement

NooBaa provides you full control over data placement, letting you store your data in the optimal location

Data encryption

NooBaa also encrypts all the data, and creates an additional secure layer on top of any existing storage

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