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What Can You Do With NooBaa?

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Who is it For?


Start providing scalable and cost-effective cloud, backup, and DR services with AWS S3 compatibility. With NooBaa's true hardware agnostic technology, you can aggregate multiple storage silos of any size and vendor. Due to NooBaa’s unique architecture, you can scale the storage quickly and anywhere. You can even create your own availability region with one click.

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NooBaa is the ultimate future-proof data platform. Either you wish to build your own data center as a service, consolidate data centers or start your journey to the cloud, NooBaa is your solution. NooBaa's quick onboarding, free tier, and cost-effective subscription model let you embrace cloud flexibility and agility in your data centers.
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Research Centers

Wishing for faster research? troubled with enormous data? With NooBaa you can quickly build a cloud-like storage on premises with any hardware that suitable for you. NooBaa's personalized data flow will let you extract only the genomic regions that you need, anonymize data, compress it, encrypt it and bring it to the cloud if needed. 
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Some of Our Features

AWS S3-compatible API

NooBaa provides an AWS S3-compatible API, so you can keep using the de facto standard API, unattached to a specific vendor or location

Compression, deduplication, and advanced erasure coding

NooBaa is extremely efficient in term of storage size due to its advanced deduplication and compression algorithms

Full control over data placement

NooBaa provides you full control over data placement, letting you store your data in the optimal location

Data encryption

NooBaa also encrypts all the data, and creates an additional secure layer on top of any existing storage

Main Use Cases

NooBaa is used as the MAM media storage service. The entire media catalog is stored on NooBaa as a single system, while NooBaa automatically replicates and moves data between sites and cloud-based on access patterns and data policies. 

Data is always available to any client regardless of current data storage location while optimizing for data locality for teams collaboration across the globe.

NooBaa's metadata can store all the video's metadata for external services use in the cloud. 

The entire health records storage stored on NooBaa, while a lifecycle policy or a custom data flow function moves the local copies to the cloud. The data will be available regardless of the actual location, and NooBaa will serve it, with a locality preference, to benefit teams collaboration across the globe.

The data flow can include any data anonymization algorithm, including storing the metadata information, that links the anonymized record with the actual patient information, in any database. 

In many cases, the local video surveillance storage is fast and expensive. In addition, more cameras installed along the time, and the retention policy extended for various reasons and results with a scaling challenge. 

With NooBaa, your company can keep the local storage lean and fast, while keeping the cold data on a cheaper and scalable storage without any awareness of the applications.

NooBaa's deduplication and compression algorithms help to reduce operational costs, improve video lookup time and much more. 

NooBaa's data platform can run on any hardware, serve the entire lifecycle from basic on-premises storage, data reduction and anonymization, as well as advanced erasure coding, data compression, and deduplication. All designed to empower researchers by providing a platform that enables a true agility.
Data will be stored on NooBaa, while a lifecycle policy or a custom data flow function will move the local copies to the cloud. The data will be available regardless of the actual location, and NooBaa will serve it, with a locality preference.

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Using NooBaa as a backup target ensures that all your data crunched by an inline advanced deduplication and compression. The result of this process is a smaller footprint and a shorter backup time.

NooBaa's data platform includes both lifecycle policies and customizable data flow functions that can move the local copies to the cloud. The data will be available regardless of the actual location and will be served with a locality preference.

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NooBaa's community version combined with HW and cloud agnostic architecture derisk launching new storage and computer services. 

NooBaa's user experience is designed for simplicity and ease of use. No previous knowledge is needed, and NooBaa online knowledgebase provides any information you may need. 

Advanced configuration is also available to create better storage efficiency and availability with erasure coding and hybrid storage.

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NooBaa's architecture designed for distributed storage silos, anywhere. NooBaa's data platform includes the following features:

1. Flexible data placement policies to store data wherever you need it, on-prem, cloud, both.

2. Mirror data between multiple data silos, regardless of their location and type (data center or native cloud storage). 

3. Multi-namespace for soft migration, to allow an instant workload migration while keeping the data in multiple locations. 

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