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Frictionless Data Management

Any capacity resource available to the enterprise, Into one.

NooBaa storage provides agile, low-cost, scalable storage for unstructured data workloads such as enterprise content archival, and media archival. NooBaa pools the capacity of any server or public cloud storage service in a single virtualized system.

15 minutes

From download to production

Hybrid And Multi-Cloud

Any cloud, any datacenter

Embrace Efficiency

Any server, physical or virtual, fully heterogeneous

No More Complex Cluster Architectures

NooBaa ensures reliability, performance, and security across a heterogeneous and dynamic storage environment, in your datacenter, in the cloud, or across clouds.

Welcome to the future of SDS. NooBaa starts small, deploys in your existing infrastructure, scales in any increment, using any hardware. 

Advanced Intelligence Reduces Cost

Machine-learning automatically adapts the system for maximum performance and resilience without adding work for IT.

NooBaa screenshots

In The News

These are the kinds of startups that are worth listening to...It's the approach that makes the difference here.

NooBaa system can guarantee reliability and performance across a heterogeneous and dynamic capacity environment...and maintains best-in-class ease-of-use through automation.

A new partnership with Microsoft that includes selection for the Microsoft Accelerator, native integration with Azure Blob Storage, and immediate availability in the Azure Marketplace.

NooBaa screenshots

How It Works?

Noobaa's innovation is an advanced architecture that separates intelligence and metadata management from storage resources, enabling amazing resource flexibility.

NooBaa can use any capacity resource available to the enterprise, including virtual, physical, heterogeneous, and even shared hosts. NooBaa also natively integrates with AWS S3 and Azure storage for easy hybrid and multi-cloud data protection.

Advanced metadata and machine-learning logic orchestrate data-placement for best resilience, QOS, security, and economics while reducing complexity for the system administrator.

With NooBaa, hardware lock-in is completely eliminated, and moving to and from the public cloud becomes a simple policy decision.

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