Video surveillance creates unique data challenges: data is growing due to improved camera technologies, data retention periods continue to extend due to external regulation, and AI and cognitive services drove analysis of the videos to become the norm.
Data is created in multiple locations and may be required for analysis and consumption from multiple sites as well.
Moreover, in surveillance use cases, most of the created data is never accessed, and the data that is needed for critical observation is required to be served immediately and with high urgency.
All these challenges have to be supported by the data platform, allowing smart and dynamic data placement policies, efficient data deduplication and compression and data encryption in all steps in order to operate within the regulator's limitations.
Using NooBaa as a primary storage for the surveillance video catalog means that all the flows are greatly simplified while minimizing the TCO. Videos can be written by cameras in any site without concern of latency. Data can be processed and stored from on any site or in the cloud. Data can be archived and all the life cycle flow of data is automatically controlled by policies. 
Data is served transparently from any location or cloud and no manual restore procedure will be required in any stage of the lifecycle. 
NooBaa's data resiliency helps you keep the budget low by maintaining multiple data resiliency policies in a single repository. Part of the data can be stored by using an erasure coding, while another part of the data can use full copies.
Using NooBaa's independent functions platform, metadata extraction can take place on the fly, to feed any database with video important characteristics, such as date footprint, camera number, location, etc. 
 Video surveillance retention 

NooBaa's personalized lifecycle policies help companies to create their own retention policies, based on the following attributes

  • Metadata - camera number, location, etc 
  • Date - Recording date
  • LRU - Last Recently Used videos can remain for a longer time 
  • A combination of the above

Why do you care?

One product that gets you exactly what you need.

Fully integrated with native cloud storage. 

Cutting costs, by using advanced deduplication and compression algorithms 

Fast onboarding with a free community version

In many cases, the local video surveillance storage is fast and expensive. In addition, more cameras installed along the time, and the retention policy extended for various reasons and results with a scaling challenge. 

With NooBaa, your company can keep the local storage lean and fast, while keeping the cold data on a cheaper and scalable storage without any awareness of the applications.

NooBaa's deduplication and compression algorithms help to reduce operational costs, improve video lookup time and much more. 

NooBaa data platform can handle both primary video storage and its lifecycle. A lifecycle policy or a customizable data flow functions can move the local copies to the cloud and reduce the cost seamlessly. The videos will be available regardless of the actual location, and NooBaa will serve it, with a locality preference.

NooBaa offers automatic customizable video tagging with unique metadata that would help you to keep video surveillance attributes such as camera number, location and much more as part of the video, and use it later on for retrieval or retention. 

The video surveillance features are available for free as part of NooBaa's community version. NooBaa's installation is exceptionally easy by downloading the NooBaa OVA or by using our online Test drive.

You can also schedule a one on one online meeting with our experts to learn more about the product and raid your own challenges.