Research projects are always tricky. The amount of raw data is always a challenge while trying to analysis it. In many cases, the same huge dataset is used for multiple projects, with limited computational resources. NooBaa helps researchers to automatically split the relevant chunk of data out of the raw data, and easily move it to the cloud, any cloud, for analysis. Such a method reduces the amount of data you need to push to the cloud, de-identify or mask the data in case of privacy concern, and effectively use the right computational resources for the project lifetime.

The method helps to boost research, keep privacy in place, squeeze timeframes, and stay in budget while using only temporary resources instead of investing in computational that may never be used again. 
In many cases, this method is based on a hybrid cloud storage, provided by NooBaa, while automation for data anonymization and data reduction.

Why do you care?

One product that gets you exactly what you need

Fully integrated with native cloud storage, with fully customized data anonymization and metadata feed 

Cutting costs, by using advanced deduplication and compression algorithms, reduce data size for faster migration and crunching in the cloud 

Fast onboarding with a free community version

NooBaa's data platform can run on any hardware, serve the entire lifecycle from basic on-premises storage, data reduction and anonymization, as well as advanced erasure coding, data compression, and deduplication. All designed to empower researchers by providing a platform that enables a true agility. 

Research institutions running cutting-edge researches, that require strong computing environment and huge data repositories. Building such an environment for every project is challenging, and part of the projects fail. The cloud introduces a real opportunity for such projects, as it allows scale and ad-hoc resources. NooBaa's capabilities are a real enabler for building such ad-hoc environments, instead of building a standalone expensive environment for every project. 


NooBaa's community version includes all the features. NooBaa's installation is exceptionally easy by downloading the NooBaa OVA or by using our online Test drive.

You can also schedule a one on one online meeting with our experts to learn more about the product and raid your own challenges.