Managed Service Providers can offer cloud-like Storage as a Service by using NooBaa technology. With NooBaa, MSPs can turn existing data centers into a Storage-as-a-Service and start providing an ideal and cost-effective backup and DR services with S3 compatibility.

NooBaa's community version redefines fast time to market, with zero advanced cost, fast onboarding and a dynamic and simple to manage platform.

With NooBaa, a multi-tiers service can be provided with several clicks to allow On-premises, Hybrid, Multi-cloud vendor freedom.

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Professional IT departments, challenged by the cloud's shadow IT, can easily introduce a flexible cloud-like storage and bring the users back in. Using AWS S3 compatible API, the de facto standard the service provided in-house is identical to the public cloud, includes a well-documented API as well as SDK in various programming languages. With NooBaa's true hardware agnostic technology, NooBaa enables data aggregation from multiple storage silos of any size and vendor. 

The multiple storage silos that exist in most data centers today, making it complex and costly to manage. By nature, each silo enforces its own lifecycle, scale, hardware refresh, and limitations. NooBaa introduces a different experience, turning existing storage infrastructure into a private cloud with built-in agility and flexibility, with software only. It reduces many risks in terms of resource investment and eliminates the limitations on scaling and geographic data distribution and the pain of migration and hardware refresh.

NooBaa's management has a rich API to enable a quick and smooth integration with cross-department billing, account creation, permissions etc. 

Storage Service without a hassle 

With NooBaa, creating a storage service is a risk-free process. NooBaa community version is easy to deploy and can use any storage you currently have under your hands. It's easy to scale, allocate storage and deallocate storage of projects that didn't fly. 

Serverless functions

NooBaa data platform includes also serverless functions, with AWS lambda compatible API, that lets developers write serverless functions, with local storage. 

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Why do you care?

One product that gets you exactly what you need.

Easily repurpose existing storage  

Compatible AWS S3 and lambda services on premises or on any private or public cloud. 

Fast onboarding with a free community version

NooBaa's community version combined with HW and cloud agnostic architecture derisk launching new storage and compute services. 

NooBaa's user experience is designed for simplicity and ease of use. No previous knowledge is needed, and NooBaa online knowledgebase provides any information you may need. 

Advanced configuration is also available to create better storage efficiency and availability with erasure coding and hybrid storage.

Most of the Managed Service Providers already have a large customer base and owns an infrastructure to serve the current need of their customers. Like any other business, growth is always a challenge. 

NooBaa's software is an easy and risk-free way to increase your revenue, by providing a needed service to existing customers, without purchasing new expensive hardware. The data platform can use any hardware you currently have and provide cloud-like storage and serverless functions. You can choose if you want to offer the services directly or use it internally to provide applicative services, such as backup and archive while taking advantage of the efficiency of this platform.

NooBaa's solution let you check a traction of such new service, without spending money and resources in advanced.

One of the main challenges of every IT department is agility. Both business unit and development teams restructured to be responsive and agile. Getting better storage and compute services faster for short and long terms is now a legitimate requirement. 

With NooBaa you can provide cloud-like services of storage and serverless functions in a very short period of time, without any procurement process.  

Active archive is available for free as part of NooBaa's community version. NooBaa's installation is exceptionally easy by downloading the NooBaa OVA or by using our online Test drive.

You can also schedule a one on one online meeting with our experts to learn more about the product and raid your own challenges.