NooBaa takes your existing backup applications and procedures to the future. Its advanced inline deduplication, compression, and encryption reduce the backup time and the storage footprint while encrypting all the data to open up cloud path opportunities.

NooBaa's data platform is hardware agnostic and can use any hardware that you currently have, or will have in the future. You can even use an aging storage that you are about to decommission. In addition, private or public clouds can be used for scale, spillover, availability or data tiering, thanks to the data chunking and encryption. The cloud agnostic platform can help to achieve better availability based on multi-region, multi-cloud providers or a combination of local resources and cloud resources.

Fully customized tiering policy

NooBaa can mirror all or part of the data constantly to another location (private/public cloud or a local repository).

With NooBaa's personalized data flow, a scheduled tiering policy can remove the local copies based on LRU (Last Recently Used), creation date, metadata tags and much more. 

If needed, multiple tiering policies can take place and meet every enterprise needs, with a very little effort.


Why do you care?

One product that gets you exactly what you need.

Fully integrated with native cloud storage. 

Fully compatible with Rubrik, NetBackup, CloudBerry and any other product that can use S3 compatible storage.

Fast onboarding with a free community version

Using NooBaa as a backup target ensures that all your data crunched by an inline advanced deduplication and compression. The result of this process is a smaller footprint and a shorter backup time.

NooBaa's data platform includes both lifecycle policies and customizable data flow functions that can move the local copies to the cloud. The data will be available regardless of the actual location and will be served with a locality preference.

Keeping the backup window short is a real challenge with the increasing amount of data and applications. Scaling your backup target is another challenge, that usually comes with management efforts for scaling and maintenance. 

NooBaa's efficient data platform helps your company to keep the local storage lean and fast while keeping the cold data on a cheaper and scalable storage without any awareness of the applications. 

NooBaa's deduplication and compression will cut the backup window and reduce the backup data footprint.

Deduplication, compression, and encryption are available for free as part of NooBaa's community version. NooBaa's installation is exceptionally easy by downloading the NooBaa OVA or by using our online Test drive.

You can also schedule a one on one online meeting with our experts to learn more about the product and raid your own challenges.