The latest developments in medical imaging technologies introduce new challenges in data management. Files sizes are getting larger and larger, analysis and publishing workflows get more and more distributed and external regulation forces strict limitations on what can or can't be done with patients data. 
It's best to understand these complexities by looking at the journey of patient data.
The patient is hospitalized in a hospital campus and an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is created for her. The patient is scanned with an X-ray machine in the same site and the image is stored on site, linked to her EMR record. She is later taken to an adjacent center, where she undergoes an MRI scan. The scan creates another file which can sometimes be linked to her EMR, and sometimes is delivered on a CD and later copied to the first site's storage.  After the patient is treated, she is released and the data related to her is not accessed for a long time. When her condition is triggered again a couple of years later, and she gets hospitalized again, and the doctors need immediate access to all her historical tests and images. Due to external regulation, all this data needs to be stored forever, be accessible on short notice and researched with external tools. Privacy management is a must in healthcare scenarios.
NooBaa's technology helps healthcare providers to greatly simplify the above process, making it more efficient, robust and secured. 
NooBaa storage service can be deployed across multiple sites, and data can be created and accessed from any hospital site.
All the data is encrypted using military grade encryption to ensure patient data is highly secured. 
Once the data gets cold, NooBaa tiers data to the cloud for cheaper archival. The encryption is maintained and even a full access to the cloud provider would not allow any access to the data. Once the patient is back, data gets "re-hydrated" with on-premises copies for efficient and fast access. 
The EMR records maintain the same data links and data is accessible regardless of its current life-cycle stage and location. 

Why do you care?

Military grade encryption 

Fully integrated with native cloud storage, with fully customized data anonymization and metadata feed 

Cutting costs, by using advanced deduplication and compression algorithms 

Fast onboarding with a free community version

Tne entire health records storage stored on NooBaa, while a lifecycle policy or a custom data flow function moves the local copies to the cloud. The data will be available regardless of the actual location, and NooBaa will serve it, with a locality preference, to benefit teams collaboration across the globe.

The data flow can include any data anonymization algorithm, including storing the metadata information, that links the anonymized record with the actual patient information, in any database. 


Health care providers add a variety of services to a larger crowd of patients.
Many of these advances services are data-driven services.  

Services such as MRI, Ultrasound, genetic and personalized healthcare and others, requires a huge amount of storage, while traditional storage is very limited. NooBaa enables a secure path to the cloud, while the data not only chunked and encrypted but also anonymized. 

NooBaa's community version includes all the features. NooBaa's installation is exceptionally easy by downloading the NooBaa OVA or by using our online Test drive.

You can also schedule a one on one online meeting with our experts to learn more about the product and raid your own challenges.