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We created NooBaa out of our own experience in managing complex storage environments. We believe that the simplicity that public cloud storage introduced should also be the model for all of your storage resources. With NooBaa, users are freed from the constraints imposed by rigid clustered architectures, including media choice, hardware vendor, networking topology, and cloud vendor choices. 

NooBaa can collapse multiple storage silos into a single, scalable storage fabric, by its ability to virtualize any local storage, whether shared or dedicated, physical or virtual and include both private and public cloud storage, using the same S3 API and management tools. NooBaa also gives you full control over data placement, letting you place data based on security, strategy and cost considerations, in the granularity of an application.

NooBaa Provides Efficiency and Security by Default

When data is written to NooBaa's endpoint, a process of deduplication, compression, and encryption will take place, and multiple data chunks will be distributed. 



The freedom to adopt new technologies and cloud services without the fear of lock-ins




Consume and create data and resources anywhere, with full visibility and control of what goes where




Meet all infrastructure regulatory requirements, while containing costs

Under The Hood

NooBaa is software only and is easily deployed as a virtual machine. It scales the storage nodes and the metadata server independently and can harness any type of storage, as long as you can expose its filesystem to a Linux or Windows machine. 

NooBaa is also cloud-agnostic, so it will always use the cloud-native storage, while the application will keep the connection only with NooBaa's endpoint. Unlike storage that statically provides cache-to-cloud or DR-to-cloud, NooBaa can arbitrarily consume cloud storage services alongside private resources for scaling, blending, migration efforts, overflow capability, and disaster recovery.

How easy? Very easy! 

  1. Download NooBaa  and deploy in your lab or try our online test drive
  2. Connect your application to NooBaa and start writing and reading data. 


 NooBaa is:

 NooBaa is Not:

 For Unstructured DataMedia, Archiving, Backup  Primary for DB and Hypervisor
 Great Bandwidth performance  Guaranteed latency
 Object API (S3/Blob)  Block API
 SW  HW/Service



See solution page on Google Cloud website

Company Overview

Learn more about NooBaa solution by Yuval Dimnik, NooBaa's Founder.

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