Work Seamlessly With Multiple Cloud Vendors

What is a True Multi-Cloud?

The ability to work Seamlessly With Multiple Cloud Vendors.

Many organizations use public cloud storage due to its scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. However, this also can tie you to the specific protocols, standards, and tools of your chosen cloud vendor, and affect migration costs down the road, should you decide to switch.

NooBaa can consume data from AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blobs, Google Storage or any AWS S3 compatible storage Private Cloud.

NooBaa’s Multi-Cloud solution

Eliminate vendor lock-in, allowing your application software stack to be independent of the underlying infrastructure. This independence also creates the interoperability required for fast migration or expansion of workloads. It allows you to run a specific workload on a specific platform, without worrying about the storage. NooBaa provides an AWS S3-compatible API, the de facto standard, independent of any specific vendor or location.

NooBaa’s multi-cloud approach also increases availability by allowing you to keep your data in multiple locations while using a single access endpoint. It is also extremely efficient in term of storage size due to advanced deduplication and compression algorithms and provides high levels of security by encrypting all data and creating an additional secure layer on top of any existing storage. 

Spin NooBaa core machine (cloud or locally)
Connect AWS buckets, Azure Blob containers, Google storage or private cloud storage
Connect your application

How Does NooBaa’s Multi-Cloud Works?

NooBaa allows applications to write data regardless of the physical data repositories. The core machine is the data controller and an endpoint.

NooBaa endpoints can scale out and placed anywhere and applications connect to these endpoints and gain access to data repositories.

Orchestrating  The  Storage

NooBaa can consume data from AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blobs, Google Storage or any AWS S3 compatible storage Private Cloud.

Every NooBaa bucket has its own data placement policy, which determines where the data will be physically placed.

Data placement policies are flexible and can be modified along the time. 

Data Path Flow 

When data is written to NooBaa's endpoint, a process of deduplication, compression, and encryption will take place, and multiple data chunks will be distributed. 

NooBaa will prioritize local data writes, when possible, and will mirror or spread the data to remote locations in the background.  



How is NooBaa different from other multi-cloud solutions?

High Stack and Low Stack combined

NooBaa has combined advanced high stack and low stack feature set into one single data platform.

The high stack includes everything a customer can expect from a data management platform including rich metadata, data replication, personalized data flow, and security in rest and in motion.

The low stack includes everything a customer can expect from a modern storage target, such as compression, deduplication, enhanced erasure coding, data integrity, etc.

The Freedom to Change, Easily

Agility for your business is a high priority for NooBaa.

Customers can easily create multiple data repositories, isolate or share data, locate it the data anywhere and change their mind at any time.

With NooBaa you can easily scale, but also shrink your data when projects fail.

Personalized Data Management

NooBaa's independent serverless functions introduce unique and personalized data flows.

The functions can automatically tier data, manipulate data on the fly, anonymize DICOM records, mask financial information, and much more, completely controlled by the customers.

Unique Technology

NooBaa is a software-only solution, and its architecture built for the cloud.

Each one of NooBaa's component is scalable separately in parallel to data scalability.

NooBaa can run on any hardware on premises in a mixture of cloud resources.

By design, NooBaa considers any local drive and cloud storage as a storage resource.

NooBaa focuses only on object storage protocols, which is not sensitive to latency and allows the workloads to get the maximum performance while keeping data integrity, resiliency, etc intact.



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