Managed Service Providers

Use NooBaa today, provide a cloud service, tomorrow

Marco Iannucci, CEO, Clouditalia


"It’s critical for a cloud business to have a strong object storage offering. We chose NooBaa over the others because they could deploy in our existing infrastructure, were much easier to manage, and the licensing model means there’s very little financial risk for us as our market for storage grows. It was an easy decision to go with NooBaa."



Are You Looking for New Growth Engines?

With NooBaa, you can turn your existing data centers into a Storage-as-a-Service and start providing ideal and cost effective backup and DR services with S3 compatibility. Using AWS S3 API, the de facto standard, allows you to utilize the cloud ecosystem including backup applications, archival solutions and a documented API.

With its true hardware agnostic technology, NooBaa lets you aggregate multiple storage silos of any size and vendor. Due to NooBaa’s unique architecture, you can scale the storage quickly and anywhere. You can even create your own availability region with one click.