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Harnessing any resource

We created NooBaa out of our own experience managing complex storage environments. We believe that the simplicity that public cloud storage introduced should also be the model for all of your storage resources. With NooBaa, users are freed from the constraints imposed by rigid clustered
 architectures, including media choice,
hardware vendor, networking topology,
and cloud vendor choices. 

NooBaa can collapse multiple storage silos into a single, scalable storage fabric, by its ability to virtualize any local storage, whether shared or dedicated, physical or virtual, and include both private and public cloud storage, using the same S3 API and management tools. NooBaa also gives you full control over data placement, letting you place data based on security, strategy and cost considerations, in the granularity of an application.

NooBas’s superior user interface makes the onboarding phase simple, allowing users to get up to speed in under 15 minutes.

NooBaa edge technology

NooBaa is also seamless to applications. Storage resources can be added or removed from the NooBaa virtual storage fabric, and the application will continue writing and reading data, no matter where the data resides. What’s more, harnessing cloud resources and binding them to local resources will turn your local storage into hybrid storage with just one click.

How it works in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Deploy NooBaa's core server, which is a virtual machine. It can use any hypervisor.

Step 2

Take any virtual or physical Linux or Windows machine and paste a one-line script to this machine. Any distribution tool, including Puppet, Chef, SCCM, will work as well. 

Step 3

 Connect your application to NooBaa and start writing and reading data. 

Under the hood

NooBaa is software only, and is easily deployed as a virtual machine. It scales the storage nodes and the metadata server independently, and can harness any type of storage, as long as you can expose its filesystem to a Linux or Windows machine. NooBaa is also cloud-agnostic, so it will always use the cloud native storage, while the application will keep the connection only with NooBaa's endpoint. Unlike storage that statically provides cache-to-cloud or DR-to-cloud, NooBaa can arbitrarily consume cloud storage services alongside private resources for scaling, blending, migration efforts, overflow capability, and disaster recovery.

Our advanced machine-learning algorithms orchestrate data placement for resilience, QOS, security, and cost reduction, reducing the complexity of system administration. Holistic self-healing algorithms constantly challenge the data integrity and rebuild data automatically.

Under the hood

Download NooBaa community Data sheet from here

Multi Cloud

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Private Cloud

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NooBaa Overview

Learn more about NooBaa solution by Yuval Dimnik, NooBaa's Founder.